Online character counting tool with options to remove spaces and tabs

The Characters and words counter is ultimate text tool to perform multiple operations in one place and easily:

text inversion, character counting and word counting.

Additional capabilities allow you to remove blank lines, double spaces and tabs from the text.

especially effective for employees with Photoshop and software that does not support RTL languages.

Your text containts 0 Words and 0 Characters. Most common word is:

Instructions for using the Characters counter

After you enter the text in the box you will be presented with information about the amount of characters and words you entered.

now you can perform the following actions in your text:

  • Inversion of a text that becomes a “mirror” text.
  • Character Counter – Displays the amount of characters entered in the box.
  • Words Counting – Displays the number of words entered in the box.
  • Removes double spaces and unnecessary blank lines from the text.

The tool is especially effective for web developers, graphic designers and promoters who are looking for a quick and one-stop solution.

Now there is no need to switch between different sites that provide each service individually.

Attached is an instructional video for using our text tool, enjoy !.

FAQ about word and character counter

In which cases does using a character counter tool help?

Reverse RTL text is accepted in Photoshop software which does not support RTL.

sometimes you will get a LTR inversion by copying text from a PDF file

Is it possible to know the amount of characters in the text including spaces?

At the bottom of the text box, you will be shown the amount of characters entered including spaces and blank lines.

Is there a word count limit in the text box?

There is no limit, you can enter as much text as you want without limit.

Can I remove empty lines from the content?

Yes, with the click of a button you can remove empty or duplicate lines from the text.

Is the use of text tools free?

Certainly, the use of the tool and its options are free, without registration and without advertisements.

We wish you a pleasant and efficient job !.