Event Schema Generator free online tool

Using the Event schema Generator tool allows you to easily create the code required for your site to appear in Google’s rich text results.

You can generate and copy the embed code of schema on the relevant page on the site as well as check the integrity of the code and the page in Google.

How to Implement?
HTML: The code should be planted where possible on the relevant page.
WordPress: Choose where you want to embed the code - in a page or post and enter its ID. The code should be embedded in the function.php file in the site template.
Recommended: Minified. Reducing the code removes unnecessary characters such as spaces, tabs and line breaks thus lowering the weight of the code and helping the site load faster.
Ticket types
You have to fill all the fields or delete unused ones.
You have to fill all the fields or delete unused ones.

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How to use the Event Schema generator

Using the Event Schema Code Generator is simple and easy.
The code includes all the required features and creates it in a few short steps:

  • Step 1 # – Enter your event details in all fields in the generator
  • Step 2 # – Copy the generated code and paste it into your site.
    Last part – click “Check on Google” and go to the health check in Google’s rich results test tool.

WordPress site owners have the option to generate a schema code and paste it into function.php file.

Frequently Asked Questions About Event Scheme

What is an event schema?

Event scheme allows a website owner to display information about an upcoming event in the Google scoreboard.

By using the schema you can display the information about your event in Google’s rich results format which will display the details already in the search results.

What is the role of the Event Schemes Generator?

The event schema generator allows you to independently create the code required for your schema, without the need for programming or code knowledge.

The generated code should be embedded in the relevant page on your site.

In order for your page to be displayed in the rich results of Google, it is imperative to present the visitor to your web page with the information about the event exactly as you wrote it in the schema.

Is the use of the event schema tool free?

You can generate as many schemas as you want without limit.

Use of the Event Generator tool is free. without registration and without advertisements.

For what types of shows can an event schema be generated?

The options are: single show, group performance, dance group, music performances and theater group.

What are Google's rich results?

The definition of rich results on the Google site:

“Rich results are experiences on Google surfaces, such as Search, that go beyond the standard blue link. Rich results can include carousels, images, or other non-textual elements.”