Waze link generator online tool that generates a link to WazeApp by address

Quickly create an address-adapted Waze link, using this tool you can generate a link that will open the navigation screen in the Waze app with a click.

With the generator, you can create a link adapted for implementation as a button on your website or share as a link on Facebook and messaging apps.

Search Address
Recommended: After searching and finding an address by the system, a dot will appear that symbolizes the desired address on the attached map. To avoid mistakes, check on the map whether the point found matches the address you were looking for.
Could not find the desired address using the search? You can search for the desired location on the attached map, click on it once and you will immediately receive a link to navigate to the point you selected.
App link
Browser link

How to use the link generator for Waze

Using the “Link to Waze” tool is easy and does not require any programming knowledge.

You can create a customized link for yourself in a few short steps.

At the bottom there is a video with an explanation illustrating how to use the generator.

  • Enter a street name and number in the first box.
  • The city must be entered.
  • By clicking on the “Create Link” button, you will receive 2 types of links for opening a Waze navigation screen.
  • The first link with the prefix waze: // is intended for implementation on websites under the navigation button, clicking on the link will automatically open the application.
  • The second link with the prefix https is intended for use on social networks and for sending messaging software.

Check your link in your browser or app

You can check the correctness of the link through the browser on your desktop computer or by clicking on the link on a mobile phone.

FAQ about the link to Waze

Is using a Waze link generator free?

Using the link generator for Waze is free, you can create as many links as you want !.

Does the link to Waze also work from a desktop computer?

Yes, since you do not have the navigation software for your computer.

the link will take you to the website to the live map area for further navigation.

Is it possible to create a link to any address?

Yes, all that is required of you is to enter the name of the street, the house number and the city.

Why did the generator create 2 types of links?

The generator creates 2 types of links to Waze.

One is suitable for opening the mobile app.

the other is suitable for advertising on networks or for sending on WhatsApp and any instant messaging software.

The second link opens the browser to the user by default.

If the user has Wise software installed on the mobile, the browser will offer him (automatically) to continue navigating the software.

If the user does not have waze software on the navigation device will go to the app site (the live map on the site).

What happens if I enter an incorrect or non-existent address?

If the generator fails to locate the address you entered it will try to find another address with a similar name.

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